Analyzing Critical Incidents in Global Health


Critical Incidents in Global Health

An online training with the leading question : How to analyze intercultural interaction incidents ? 

by: Angela Schuster, Franziska Grimm

In the workshop that took place during the Spring School, we practiced using this scheme with a fictional case – but the aim is to apply it on real situations.

  1. The Basis: Analyzing the own perspective with the aim to start a reflection process on possible conflicts and their solutions 

A reflection model can help to identify different actors, levels and conflicts (left and right of the flash) of intercultural communication :

By Elke Bosse / Gwenn Hiller

  1. Analyzing the critical incident itself  

Guiding Questions to analyze:

  1. Institution: What institutional conditions might have influenced the situation?
  2. Situation: What situational aspects might have influenced the event? In which role does person XY seem to have acted?
  3. Person: How might personal background and personal/professional history have influenced the situation?
  4. Culture: What levels of culture does the event seem to affect? 
    What different and/or common value orientations of person XY might have played a role in the event?